Huge collection with magic Seals and Wands, Harry Potter style - 5 variations with gifts

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You can make your choice between 5 variants! And all of them have FREE SHIPPING option!

Kindly make your choice between this 5 variants :) 


1-st one contains Magic Wands, signs, badges, Magic Wings Quidditch Pitch and a gift - 15pcs, 350gr

2-nd one contains Magic wings Quidditch Pnitch, the Sign of a Deadly Hallow, badges and so on, 14pcs, 350 gr

3-rd one includes 11 Magic Wands, 11pcs

4-th one contains 13 magic Wands 13 cm long and a gift -> 13pcsset, 380gr

5-th one contains 5 metal seals with very interesting style - type Hogwarts, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Griffindor + 2 waxes in random colors -> 11pcsset, 420 grSeal size: 11 sm long

  •   Magic wands size: 13 cm long
  •  Warning: do not put in mouth

  •  Condition: New

  •  Theme: Movie & Tv

  •  Material: Alloy Copper 

  • Oiginal Package: Yes

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